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One of the most rewarding things about adopting a pet is knowing that you are saving the life of a deserving animal, but here at Alaqua we know that the reward goes much deeper than that. Adopting a pet is about companionship – finding your perfect buddy, bringing them into your home and making their life a part of yours. The result is a bond that is unmatched and deeply rewarding.

Here at Alaqua Animal Refuge we have a buddy for everyone. We are fortunate to be able to care for a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, horses, pigs and other small animals.


Adopt a Cat
Are you looking for a pet that can provide that rewarding companionship, but low-maintenance enough to fit into your busy schedule? One of our loving, purring cats or kittens may be your perfect buddy.

Adopt a Dog
Are you looking for a wagging tail to join you in all of life’s best moments? We have plenty of dogs who are waiting patiently to be the best part of your day.

Adopt a Horse
The relationship between a horse and its owner is simply magical. To experience a bond with a horse is to know what it feels like to be in complete harmony with the spirit of an animal much larger than yourself. We take pride in caring for and rehoming the horses at our facility.

Adopt a Pig
Pigs are more than just farm animals to our staff here at Alaqua. They can be just as much of a companion as any other animal at our facility. We love to encourage our visitors to interact with our pigs, so that they can get a glimpse into their unique personalities.

Find a Pet
We want nothing more than to help you find your perfect buddy. Our petfinder widget will help you narrow down your search and find exactly what you are looking for.

Lost a Pet
Has your pet gone missing? Fill out this form and let us help you find them.

Place a Pet
We understand that life happens sometimes, which can force someone to have to surrender their pet. Fill out this form so that we can help you place your pet in the right home.

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