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Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

Important Notice:
Due to Hurricane Michael’s impact on the Florida Panhandle, Alaqua Animal Refuge modified its operations so that hurricane animals could have a safe haven. Initially, Alaqua helped shelters and rescues affected by the storm by taking in animals from those facilities as well as moving others to safety. The Refuge offered free boarding for people who lost their homes and wanted to retain ownership of their animals, had an open admission policy for owner surrendered animals, and accepted stray animals from counties without a facility designated to take them in.
Now that one month has passed, we will begin the process of shifting back to our normal operations. We will continue to help as many animals as we can, space permitting. The Refuge will continue to be a resource for those in need during this transitional time.



Hurricane Michael, the strongest storm to ever hit the Florida Panhandle and the third most devastating storm in modern U.S. history, left a trail of devastation for the residents and the animals who were left behind.

Alaqua is located approximately 70 miles west from where the storm made landfall, and we are blessed to say that the Refuge is safe with minimal damage. Our animals are also safe and doing well, and we appreciate all the support of many individuals that stepped up to help us.

Alaqua has now turned our efforts to helping those that were in the path of Hurricane Michael. The need to help hundreds of animals affected by Hurricane Michael are pouring in from our neighbors in the affected areas, and we are in contact with individuals and shelters and are helping in the following ways:

Collection Point for Supplies:
We are a collection point for supplies to be dispersed to hard-hit areas. Items most requested now are bottled water, dog and cat food, litter, used linens, cleaning products (bleach, soap, topical cleaners), senior horse feed (Purina). Dog and cat crates are also needed to get animals out and to transport them safely. Items can be delivered to directly to Alaqua, 914 Whitfield Road, Freeport, FL 32439.

Relief Fund:
This fund will be used to rescue and house animals, as well as provide emergency funding, for the affected areas. You can donate below to help us.

On The Ground Assistance:
Alaqua is taking in animals from the storm and has secured placement for displaced horses and farm animals. Our medical team, as well as a team of local veterinarians, are also on stand-by to help injured animals and provide medical treatments as necessary.

If you know of any abandoned or injured animals, please report it to us right away by calling 850-880-6694 or emailing so that we can coordinate with the proper authorities. At the time of this email, we are still without electricity and phone service, but we are able to get messages and emails to this address. Please do not attempt to go into the affected areas to search for animals! Again, we are here to help and can coordinate with the proper agencies and provide assistance.

Foster an Animals
Can you foster an Alaqua animal? Fostering makes a space for an animal in need to come into the refuge. All food and medical is covered by Alaqua when you foster. Call us today to help at 850-880-6399 and please fill this form out in advance:

Shelter for Animals and People
So many people have been displaced and have their pets with them. Are you able to take in animals that have homes but need a temporary place to stay until their humans can get back on their feet? OR do you have a pet friendly place you are willing to allow people to stay in with their pets? If so, contact us at or 850-880-6694, and let us know your name, phone number, and what you are able to offer.

Thank you! We appreciate your help.

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