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    Adopt a Dog
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The Campaign for Alaqua


Our unique no-kill refuge has successfully found homes for thousands of once abused, neglected and homeless animals since opening in 2007. Providing adoption services is not just our job, it is our mission, and matching the perfect pet with loving owners is our passion.

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How to Help

Our caring, compassionate and involved Alaqua Animal Refuge community provides strength, fuel our passion and supports our mission. Please consider becoming part of our community today. Whether you share your time, talents, resources or funds, there are many ways you can help us save the lives of animals in need.

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There are so many ways you can help us help the hundreds of homeless and abused animals that arrive at Alaqua Animal Refuge every year. From monetary gifts to time and talents, we truly appreciate every gift that helps us fulfill our mission.

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Featured Animals

At any given time, Alaqua provides respite for over 350 animals in need. We believe that every abused, neglected and homeless animal deserves a second chance. Therefore, we are committed to providing protection, shelter and care while we help find these animals loving permanent homes. You can help us save lives of these animals by wishing to sponsor their day-to-day care.

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Gift Shop

Alaqua has the perfect gifts for you, your family and friends, or your pet! Our collection includes clothing, accessories, gifts, and pet items. By purchasing Alaqua merchandise, you are helping us continue our important work of saving lives and providing second chances.

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Visit Us

We invite you to visit us at Alaqua—a place where dreams come true, not only for the animals at our facility but also for all people who are dedicated to its mission. There is always plenty to see at Alaqua! During your visit, you will meet our animals up for adoption, as well our sanctuary animals. You’ll also get a better understand of what we do here, from rescue to rehabilitation to adoption.

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