Alaqua Animal Refuge

Everyday Miracles: Walton

The Story of Walton

A motorist noticed a tiny fawn in the middle of a busy road and stopped to find that he had two broken legs and could not walk. He brought the deer to Alaqua Animal Refuge and we worked with Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge to allow us to do what we could to save his life.

X-rays revealed that it was a good possibility, that with delicate surgery, the deer could once again walk. Thanks to the initial support of donors, our staff transported him to Tallahassee where surgery was performed.

His legs were in full casts for over a week and once the casts were removed, it was obvious that his muscles and joints were very weak. Long days of physical rehabilitation to help him regain muscle strength paid off, and yesterday he walked on his own.

The goal is always to release wildlife back where they belong and we have high hopes for this lucky fellow!

Our Refuge runs solely on donations and we depend on our community to allow us to help animals like this one. Please consider becoming a “Rescuer” by making a monthly, recurring donation of $25 or more below.


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