Alaqua Animal Refuge

Animal Care & Adoptions

We care for a wide variety of animals, each requiring unique levels of care. The daily care of these animals is made possible by the wonderful staff and volunteers that dedicate their time and effort to our facility. We have certain funds and programs in place to ensure that the daily flow of operation is made possible.

Daily Care of the Animals

We keep an updated Wish List of items that can be donated in order to help us care for the animals at our facility on a daily basis. These donations are deeply appreciated by the staff and animals here at Alaqua being that there is a lot of hard work that goes into the daily care of over 200 animals.

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Veterinary Supplies and Medicine

We are always in need of veterinary supplies and medicine here at Alaqua, as many of the animals that come into our facility have pre-existing health conditions, injuries from abusive situations or are in need of surgeries. We often require the help of other veterinarians outside of the one we have here at Alaqua.

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Priceless Purrs

This program allows for us to waive the adoption fee for our adult cats in order to promote their adoption. We have so many wonderful cats that come into our facility and we make it a top priority to find loving homes for all of them – this program is a big part of making that possible.

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Partners Program

This program is near and dear to our hearts and one that we are extremely proud to offer. The Partners Program allows for senior citizens or any person with special needs to apply to adopt an animal at our facility with a waived fee. We are firm believers that companionship with a pet is deeply beneficial to senior citizens and individuals with special needs.

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